The purpose of the CLS Seminar Surge Mentor (CLS 460: Teaching Internship) is to provide mentors with an exciting and challenging opportunity to guide them as they expand their intellectual interests, learn about various resources on campus, improve their critical thinking skills, and enjoy conversation in a community of learners. Your role is to work with the assigned instructor to help CLS 101 students grasp and connect to readings, understand campus and community resources available to them, and discuss, analyze, present on, and write about the course texts.  These texts cover a wide range of topics such as philosophy, injustices, morality, and humanity, and incorporate a plethora of genres from poetry to scholarly articles and research. The main course themes are knowledge, identity, and community.

You will help new students engage in dialogue that involves a variety of perspectives across many disciplinary topics; you are the facilitator for involving new students in university life and in college level learning through reading, thinking, and dialogue. You alongside the instructor will help challenge students to think and communicate in a small group setting while developing critical listening skills and honing their writing abilities.  Books and course materials will be provided to CLS 460 mentors free of charge for the semester.  Please know as well that CLS 460 is one of the electives that counts towards an MSU Leadership Fellows Certificate

CLS 460 Course Goals:

  • Under the guidance of your assigned seminar instructor, you will learn and practice teaching strategies.
    • Help develop discussion questions that are thoughtful and related to the text
    • Initiate conversation that is exciting, intellectual, and textual
    • Guide conversation toward scholarly, diverse, and constructive questions and topics
    • Enforce standards of critical thinking and presentation of textual and other evidence in the classroom
    • Take charge of a pre-determined class session
  • Learn and practice mentoring skills under the guidance of Sophomore Surge instructors, facilitators, team leaders, and campus resource administrators, to:
    • Answer student questions about MSU and university life
    • Be available to coach students having difficulty in the classroom, in college, and/or in life
    • Guide students toward the improvement of their written and oral expression
    • Complete a final project involving a reflection of your mentoring role 

We are here to help

We understand that co-facilitating a class can be a challenge!  As part of CLS 460, you will be generally meeting weekly with other mentors and program facilitators to go over key concepts, crisis training, and mentor/ leadership training.  You'll also attend fun and thought provoking meetings to discuss course texts, themes, and activities that can be incorporated prior to actually implementing these ideas with your freshmen, as a practice run of sorts.  In a relatively short time, you will get to know your fellow mentors, mentees, instructors, and program administrators, and will have a team around you who can offer assistance and guidance to you along the way.  

 Read more and apply to be a CLS 460 mentor/ Sophomore Surge Mentor here