Those interested in teaching a CLS Seminar Instructor position must apply to the pooled position through ATS.  It is also necessary for current Seminar instructors to apply to the pooled position about every two years.  Current instructors will be contacted if and when they have to apply again.  If you are unsure of whether or not you should apply, feel free to contact us.

Please know that typically, we bring back instructors who taught one or more sections of CLS Seminar the previous year.  i.e. Professor Smith successfully taught one section in fall 2016, so we would typically ask Professor Smith to teach a similar section for fall 2017, assuming no extenuating circumstances with that section or instructor exist.  Know that we offer significantly fewer sections of the Seminar in the spring. 

Click here to apply for the CLS Seminar Pooled Instructor Position and you will be redirected to an MSU Jobs page